Dubois County Family Law Attorney

Whether contested or not, separating one shared life into two individual ones requires experienced guidance — guidance our firm can provide. At the law office of John E. Birk, Attorney at Law, we help clients in Jasper, Evansville and throughout southern Indiana navigate the divorce process and other family law issues. Our experience includes:

  • Property distribution: As an equitable distribution state, Indiana law presumes that all property obtained by a couple after marriage will be divided evenly. This does not always mean "50/50." Our firm will protect your rights to a reasonable division of marital property.
  • Child custody and visitation (now called "parenting time"): We will help you articulate your role as an active parent to obtain custody resolutions that protect your child's stability within the home, school and community.
  • Child support: If you have children and get divorced, you will be responsible for supporting them financially. We'll seek to ensure you only pay your fair share.
  • Modifications of court orders: While court orders are meant to last far into the future, certain extenuating circumstances, such as job loss or relocation, could require modification.
  • Guardianship: We can help you set up guardianship over a minor or an adult who can no longer care for themselves. We'll also advocate on your behalf should the guardianship be contested, striving for resolutions that protect the best interests of the protected person.

Sympathetic Yet Aggressive Family Law Services

Our family law practice is characterized by aggressive representation in court coupled with empathetic understanding of our clients' needs. We know family law issues are emotionally draining. We take time to listen to your particular concerns so we can better help you protect your rights under Indiana family laws.

Helping Your Family Move Forward

We have helped clients in Dubois County and throughout southern Indiana navigate difficult family law issues since 1995. Contact us by calling 812-482-2093 or by email to schedule a consultation.